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Historically, the Gatineau River exerts a fascination in Quebecer’s imagination.

For over 150 years, the Gatineau River has been Draveursthe workplace for generations of timber raftsmen. Its turbulent waters throughout the year were indeed the perfect route for cheap logs transport from the northern forests to processing plants located downstream.

The adventures and often misadventures of these loggers have also been the source of many legends and songs that are now part of Quebec's heritage.

Since the interruption of the log drive in the early 90s, it’s a new generation of adventurers who rediscovers the Gatineau River.

In recent years, the Gatineau River has indeed become the number 1 destination for rafting fans in Quebec, Ontario, the northeastern United States and even Europe.

Due to its accessibility and vigor of its waters, this long river that runs from north to south over 440 km (273 miles) with a 366 meters slope creates a growing interest in whitewater enthusiasts.

If the Gatineau River is suitable for water activities along most of its length, it’s especially our section that arouses the most interest among whitewater enthusiasts (See the mapzoom link). On this section of a dozen kilometers (7.5 miles), participants will come across 7 rapids, each with a particular challenge.

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